1st Hike of the Season

Being a PNW native, one of my favorite activities just so happens to be hiking! I went on my first hike of the season this past weekend and it was amazing! Nothing like your first hike of the year to remind you you’re out of shape am I right? Let’s be honest, my butt was pretty sore. During the beginning fall months of last year, Peyton (the BF) and I got into the groove of hiking almost every weekend and I’m hoping to get that going again! We started off easy last week with a classic hike up Poo Poo Point Trail. (Side note – dog below is not mine. Just my friends adorable pup named Ellie ♥).

With the plan to hike *almost* every weekend this summer, I started a list of my top 10 hikes to accomplish. Some are past favorites, others I have yet to conquer!

  1. Rattlesnake Ledge:
    • 4 miles round trip
    • Gain: 1,160 ft.
  2. Mt. Pilchuck:
    • 5.4 miles round trip
    • Gain: 2,300 ft.
  3. Snow Lake:
    • 7.2 miles round trip
    • Gain: 1,800 ft.
  4. Rachel Lake:
    • 8 miles round trip
    • Gain: 1,600 ft.
  5. Hidden Lake:
    • 8 miles round trip
    • Gain: 3,300 ft.
  6. Lake Serene:
    • 8.2 miles round trip
    • Gain: 2,000 ft.
  7. Mailbox Peak:
    • 9.4 miles round trip
    • Gain: 4,000 ft.
  8. Otter Falls:
    • 10 miles round trip
    • Gain: 650 ft.
  9. Kendall Katwalk:
    • 12 miles round trip
    • Gain: 2,600 ft.
  10. Mt. Teneriffe:
    • 13.8 miles round trip
    • Gain: 3,800 ft.

If you’re anything like me, you also like to hike *in style*. Who’s with me? Check out some of my fave staples! (And yes, I know, hiking boots are not cute. But let me tell you, your feet will thank you)!

Do you love to hike during the warm months? Would loooove suggestions to add to my ever growing list of trails!


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