Dress it Up + Dress it Down

Are you tired of my leopard print jacket yet? I’m sure not! You’d be surprised at how versatile such a bold piece can be. It’s the perfect wardrobe addition to dress up or dress down! #1: DRESS IT UP Dress your leopard print up with any little black dress and a snazzy pair of boots!… Continue reading Dress it Up + Dress it Down

Dose of Denim

The people have spoken and denim is dominating the fashion scene in more ways than one. There are SO many hot denim trends that I figured I’d focus on my favorite 4: Hot Hemlines, Embroidery and Embellishment, Color Blocking, and last but not least, 70s and 90s Revival. While you’re everyday skinny jean isn’t going… Continue reading Dose of Denim

What’s in The Bag: Work Edition

Let’s just admit it, we all want to know what’s in everyone’s bag. Today I thought I’d share with you what’s in my bag – work bag that is. Here are my every day work week essentials (minus my wonderfully slow hp of course). The Bag: I’m currently using a bomb black coach tote that… Continue reading What’s in The Bag: Work Edition

Real Talk: Going Blonde

Friends! Let’s talk about going blonde. I’m a natural Burnette – like dark brown hair. I had an epiphany earlier this year that I wanted to go blonde (think platinum), easy enough right? Wrong. I think social media has created this sense of “going blonde is easy” when in reality it is quite difficult for… Continue reading Real Talk: Going Blonde

Where the Magic Happens

Alright guys, today I wanted to share with you where the blog magic happens – right here at my desk! I’ll let you in on a little secret…EVERYTHING on top of my desk is from Marshalls (even the Kate Spade lamp) – amazing right? This is a new setup and i’m pretty pumped about it,… Continue reading Where the Magic Happens

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him, Her, and Your Galentine

In preparation for the every so quickly approaching February 14th, I’ve taken the guess work out of Valentine’s Day gifting with the ultimate gift guide for him, her, and your galentine. Whether your budget is $10 or $500, I’ve done the searching for you and found something they’ll adore!  For Her  For Him For Your… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Him, Her, and Your Galentine

2018 Fashion Calendar

I don’t know about you, but I get pumped for Award Season, Fashion Week, and other Style Studded events. I think I may actually enjoy the red carpet taping more than the event itself! Here are a few of the top trend influencing events slated for 2018. JANUARY Golden Globes: January 7th Milan Fashion Week… Continue reading 2018 Fashion Calendar

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