2018 Fashion Calendar

2018 Fashion Calendar

I don’t know about you, but I get pumped for Award Season, Fashion Week, and other Style Studded events. I think I may actually enjoy the red carpet taping more than the event itself! Here are a few of the top trend influencing events slated for 2018.


  • Golden Globes: January 7th
  • Milan Fashion Week (UOMO): January 13th-16th
  • Men’s Paris Fashion Week: January 17th-21st
  • Sundance Film Festival: January 18th-28th
  • Haute Couture Paris: January 22nd-25th
  • Grammy Awards: January 28th


  • Men’s New York Fashion Week: February 5th-7th
  • New York Fashion Week: February 8th-16th
  • London Fashion Week: February 16th-20th
  • Milan Fashion Week: February 21st-27th
  • Paris Fashion Week: February 27th-March 6th


  • The Academy Awards: March 4th


  • New York Fashion Week Bridal: April 11th-17th
  • Coachella: April 13th-15th, 20th-22nd
  • Met Gala: April 30th


  • Cannes Film Festival: May 8th-19th


  • MTV Video Music Awards: August 8th


  • Emmy Awards: September 17th

Keep an eye out for future posts with some of my favorite looks and trends from these events! Have something to add to the calendar? Hit me up and i’ll add it to the list!


Your Favorite Five Foot Fashionista

Hey, Hello, Hi!

Hey, Hello, Hi!

*Get The Look*

I thought for my very first post, I would take the opportunity to introduce myself further. Here are 25 fun facts about me!

  1. My name is McKenna Page
  2. I’m 25 years old
  3. I am indeed 5 feet tall!
  4. I currently live in Redmond, WA and am born and raised in the PNW!
  5. I double majored in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising at Seattle Pacific University from where I graduated in 2015
  6. I have been an Amazonian for almost 2 years now as an Associate Vendor Manager in the Watch department
  7. I have a twin brother who is about 10 inches taller than me
  8. I live with my amazing boyfriend of 5 years who takes some pretty awesome blog pictures for me <3
  9. I’m currently planning a potential fur baby adoption (side note: i’m obsessed with dogs and animals in general)
  10. In another life (or if I win the lottery) I would open my own animal shelter
  11. I did gymnastics for 15 years including NCAA – my favorite events were floor and beam
  12. I workout regularly – some of my favorite workout activities include weights (yasss squats), hot yoga, rock climbing, and hiking in the great PNW. I despise running.
  13. My personal style is constantly changing, and I love it
  14. I change my hair about every 6 months because I get bored and need to mix it up – you name it and i’ve probably done it
  15. My dream vacation is Australia + New Zealand
  16. I wear a lot of velvet, denim, faux and real leather and suede
  17. LOVE a good deal → keep on the lookout for a post on my favorite places for frugal finds!
  18. I also wear black (a lot of black)…it goes with everything!
  19. I wanted to be a fashion designer since about the age of 5
  20. I blame my mom for my shopping addition as well as my love for a good deal
  21. I will eat/drink just about anything chocolate unless it’s hot chocolate
  22. Peanut butter is my least favorite food. I’m not allergic, I just think it’s the worst (I fully accept I may lose some followers for that one)
  23. I will choose cold coffee over hot coffee every time, even when it’s snowing
  24. My go to drink is a Classic Mojito – Yum!
  25. When I was little, I was afraid I would run out of things to say. It hasn’t happened yet!


Interested to know more? Ask away! I would love to learn more about you – leave a comment below with a fun fact about yourself!


Your Favorite Five Foot Fashionista