Dose of Denim

The people have spoken and denim is dominating the fashion scene in more ways than one. There are SO many hot denim trends that I figured I’d focus on my favorite 4: Hot Hemlines, Embroidery and Embellishment, Color Blocking, and last but not least, 70s and 90s Revival. While you’re everyday skinny jean isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s these trends that are taking center stage.

Hot Hemlines:

It’s all in the details – put a fun spin on your favorite jean silhouette with hems including step, raw, fringe, ruffle, tulip, and any so many more.

Embroidery & Embellishments:

Remember in elementary school when all you wanted was that pair of jeans with embroidered butterflies? You’re in luck because it’s back and trendier than ever.

Color Blocking:

Why choose one when you can have two, or even three? From racing stripes to patchwork, put a cool-girl twist on any outfit by swapping out your single tone jeans for one of these bad boys.

70s & 90s Revival:

The past called and it’s wants it’s denim back. Embrace the nostalgia and throw on a pair of groovy bell bottoms or the oh so classic mom jeans we all know and love.


Moral of the story? Don’t wear boring denim. What’s your favorite denim trend this season?



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