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I thought for my very first post, I would take the opportunity to introduce myself further. Here are 25 fun facts about me!

  1. My name is McKenna Page
  2. I’m 25 years old
  3. I am indeed 5 feet tall!
  4. I currently live in Redmond, WA and am born and raised in the PNW!
  5. I double majored in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising at Seattle Pacific University from where I graduated in 2015
  6. I have been an Amazonian for almost 2 years now as an Associate Vendor Manager in the Watch department
  7. I have a twin brother who is about 10 inches taller than me
  8. I live with my amazing boyfriend of 5 years who takes some pretty awesome blog pictures for me <3
  9. I’m currently planning a potential fur baby adoption (side note: i’m obsessed with dogs and animals in general)
  10. In another life (or if I win the lottery) I would open my own animal shelter
  11. I did gymnastics for 15 years including NCAA – my favorite events were floor and beam
  12. I workout regularly – some of my favorite workout activities include weights (yasss squats), hot yoga, rock climbing, and hiking in the great PNW. I despise running.
  13. My personal style is constantly changing, and I love it
  14. I change my hair about every 6 months because I get bored and need to mix it up – you name it and i’ve probably done it
  15. My dream vacation is Australia + New Zealand
  16. I wear a lot of velvet, denim, faux and real leather and suede
  17. LOVE a good deal → keep on the lookout for a post on my favorite places for frugal finds!
  18. I also wear black (a lot of black)…it goes with everything!
  19. I wanted to be a fashion designer since about the age of 5
  20. I blame my mom for my shopping addition as well as my love for a good deal
  21. I will eat/drink just about anything chocolate unless it’s hot chocolate
  22. Peanut butter is my least favorite food. I’m not allergic, I just think it’s the worst (I fully accept I may lose some followers for that one)
  23. I will choose cold coffee over hot coffee every time, even when it’s snowing
  24. My go to drink is a Classic Mojito – Yum!
  25. When I was little, I was afraid I would run out of things to say. It hasn’t happened yet!


Interested to know more? Ask away! I would love to learn more about you – leave a comment below with a fun fact about yourself!


Your Favorite Five Foot Fashionista

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