Real Talk: Going Blonde

Friends! Let’s talk about going blonde. I’m a natural Burnette – like dark brown hair. I had an epiphany earlier this year that I wanted to go blonde (think platinum), easy enough right? Wrong. I think social media has created this sense of “going blonde is easy” when in reality it is quite difficult for us dark haired gals. I wanted to give a  little insight into my journey of going blonde for any of you who may be considering it. PSA: I’m not an expert, simply someone who has spent many an hour in the salon chair.

The Process:

Appointment #1: Color correction to even it all out and get to a more workable starting point

Appointment #2: Begin the process of going blonde + more color correction

Appointment #3: Spend 8 hours actually going blonde and getting out all that unwanted warmness

Bonus Appointment #4: Decide I want to chop my hair off and spend another 6 hours going blonder

Things I Learned:

  • It will likely take more than one appointment. I was already lighter than my natural color when I started the process and it took three, THREE, appointments to get my hair to the intended color. The third appointment took legit 8 hours.
  • If someone says they can take your dark brown hair to platinum in 1 day, don’t believe them. I promise you will end up with significantly less hair than you started with. Trust me when I say it’s worth the wait.
  • Purple shampoo will become your best friend. For all you girls out there with crazy warm undertones (me), purple shampoo is like the golden ticket to keeping your hair a nice cool blonde for a longer period of time between appointments. Shout out to Oribe’s bomb purple shampoo that saves my hair (more to come this week on  my fave products).
  •  MOISTURIZER: your hair is going to be uber dry and will need some serious moisturizing. I tend to alternate between Oribe purple shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo like Caviar in addition to using R+Co High Dive after every shower (again, more to come on that later). Also never forget heat protection on your color treated hair, you’ll thank me later!
  • Be prepared for more frequent salon visits. With blonde hair comes more upkeep. I personally went for a dark root look in order to slightly minimize the maintenance of being an unnatural blonde (but also because it’s fun and edgy). You may want to go in for a gloss/tone in between actual color appointments to keep it the cool blonde you’re going for.
  • Lastly, I HIGHLY suggest getting it done in a salon. home bleaching is another way to really damage your hair. Not worth the risk IMO.

Main takeaways? Going blonde is a LOT of work, a LOT of maintenance, and a LOT of $$$. But if you’re down for it, it’s SO WORTH IT. Pro tip #1: patience is key. Keep on the lookout for a post on my FAVORITE hair products coming at you this week!

Have you gone platinum blonde? If so, what was your experience? I’m always interested in some great hair tips!

P.s. here is my past few years of hair history just for kicks!



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