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Alright guys, today I wanted to share with you where the blog magic happens – right here at my desk! I’ll let you in on a little secret…EVERYTHING on top of my desk is from Marshalls (even the Kate Spade lamp) – amazing right? This is a new setup and i’m pretty pumped about it, so I thought why not share it with you all!


  1. Letter Board: Urban House 11″ x 14″ Letter Board ($14.99 regularly $22.00)
  2. Desktop Calendar: Office Envy 12 Month Calendar ($5.99 regularly $10.00)
  3. Notebook: Kate Spade Spiral Notebook ($7.99 regularly $18.00)
  4. Notepad: Kate Spade Notepad ($5.99 regularly $10.00)
  5. Candles: Chesapeake Bay White Amber Candle ($4.99 regularly $8.00); Richly Scented Birthday Cake Candle ($2.99 regularly $5.00); Olivia Blake Red Grape & Cedar Candle ($5.99 regularly $10.00)
  6. Pens & Highlighters: Kate Spade Highlight Of My Day Highlighter Set ($12.99 regularly $20.00); Kate Spade Top Of The Line Pen Set ($12.99 regularly $20.00)
  7. Pen Holder: Polish’d Makeup Brush (aka Pen/Pencil) Holder ($4.99 regularly $7.00)
  8. Lamp: Kate Spade Lamp ($39.99 regularly $56.00)
  9. Faux Succulents: elROSE 3″ Cactus ($2.99 each regularly $4.00)

I don’t know about you but a cute desk is for sure more productive. Interested in spicing yours up? Checkout some cool finds below! ♥I even tracked down some of the above mentioned items♥

Comment below with your favorite piece on your desk – I’m always down for some inspiration!


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  1. Love all the decor! Decorating your desk always makes things more productive!! I don’t have much on my desk but i like having some inspo and goals on a piece of paper to just remind me!

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