What’s in The Bag: Work Edition

Let’s just admit it, we all want to know what’s in everyone’s bag.

Today I thought I’d share with you what’s in my bag – work bag that is. Here are my every day work week essentials (minus my wonderfully slow hp of course).

The Bag: I’m currently using a bomb black coach tote that I found at Nordstrom Rack for around $125. What a steal right?

Tumbler: Because you know, Iced coffee is my Jam! I have about 3 of these Vente Tumblers from Starbucks and take them with me EVERYWHERE. Side note – get them when they’re on sale!

Wallet: Yes, another Nordstrom Rack find. I found this gem about a year ago for about $50 and it travels with me from bag to bag!

Notebook: I’m a fan of the classic black Moleskin notebook when it comes to work. I order this on repeat from Amazon every few months!

Headphones: I have yet to give in and buy myself a nice pair of headphones and am currently using the Classic Apple earbuds. That beings said, I’ve been on the lookout for a good pair of wireless earbuds – the hunt continues!

Rollerball Perfume: By the middle of the work day I’m usually feeling like a smell-good pick me up and a good rollerball perfume does the trick. My current obsession? Kate Spade Walk on Air  ♥

Lip Color: This changes on the regular based on what I’m wearing – right now my favorite is Stay All Day by Stila because it literally stays ALL DAY! It’s kind of amazing!

Face Powder: You never know when you may need a little touch up, and my Tarte Finishing Powder gets the job done. This is a MUST in all of my bags!

Not pictured: My work laptop, keys, work key-card, boring old BIC pens, some ibuprofen for those ex-gymnast aches and pains, gum, and let’s be honest there’s always a few crumpled receipts – exciting right?

What’s in your work bag that you can’t live without? Comment below with what you carry in your bag and stay tuned for more “What’s in The Bag”!


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